Our Staff

Green Roofing's management team is one of our most valuable resources and the main reason for our success.

Our team is made up of roofing professionals with years of experience dedicated to make every job appear effortless. We have developed proven processes to ensure the roofing project has been planned and all materials are ordered, received and staged for proper installation. The team meets regularly to discuss the progress of the project and to address any concerns brought forth by our customers.

Our dedicated staff monitors each job for quality control, proper installation techniques and cleanliness, ensuring the highest safety standards are implemented. All of our workers receive regular training to learn new techniques or improve upon existing ones.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations with the work we do, and it shows before, during, and after a project is complete. Call us with your questions and a member from the Green Roofing Team will be glad to assist.

Robert Beckner – President, Roofing Contractor License # CCC1328613

Bob Beckner began his career in roofing in 1983. Before starting Green Roofing & Waterproofing Technologies, Bob gained decades of experience at multiple roofing companies, including Empire Roofing and Gulf Commercial Systems in Florida, and at North American Roofing in North Carolina. His practical experience and expertise encompasses the full scope of the commercial and residential roofing markets.

In 2005, Bob became a partner in All American Enterprises Roofing & General Contracting. William Glaser, owner of All American, took notice of Bob's undying dedication to roofing. Glaser strongly encouraged Bob to sit for his state certification as a roofing contractor, greatly stressing the "green" roofing market for its reflectivity, emissivity, and the tremendous savings in energy and fuel costs for the world as a whole.

As a Florida State Certified Roofing Contractor / Journeyman Roofer, Bob has a great passion for his company's customer base as well as deep concern for the changing environment. He's observed the turns that alternative energy has taken to lower fuel consumption and keep landfill levels to a minimum, as well as the economic effects that alternative energy and sustainability will have on our economy. With Green Roofing & Waterproofing Technologies, Bob's mission is to save taxpayer dollars, and to train more individuals in the identification, installation, and certification of green, sustainable, and maximally wind-resistant roofing products on a worldwide scale.

Rachel Beckner - Vice President

Rachel began her career in the roofing trade in August 2005. She obtained her state-certified roofing license in June 2010. She began attending college in January 2011 to seek her bachelor’s degree in construction management, and is expected to graduate in May 2014. Since 2005, Rachel has acquired her roofing contractor’s license in Virginia and Arkansas, and her building contractor’s license in North Carolina. Rachel is additionally qualified to practice contracting in several other states.

Bill Johnson - Project Manager