Clay roof tiles have many benefits for a home or business.

Durability: Clay roof tiles have been used for centuries. They can still be seen on historical buildings in Europe, which have endured the test of time.

Strength: A misconception about clay roof tiles is that their clay composition makes them weak. The truth is, modern, machine-made clay roof tiles are very strong. You can walk on them without making a single crack cracking. When properly installed, clay roof tiles can also withstand high wind conditions.

Environmentally Friendly: Clay roof tiles are a natural product, made just with clay and water. Due to their durability, they can be reused and recycled. Since they are innocuous to the environment, they can be crushed and used to fill road surfaces.

Fade Resistant: Unlike concrete roof tiles, the color of clay tiles doesn't fade with time, maintaining its charm and "new" look for decades.

Natural Insulation: Thanks to their shape, clay roof tiles provide a barrier that protects the underlayment of your roof and prevents heat or cold from being transferred to the home.

Flameproof: Clay roof tiles cannot be destroyed by fire.

Beautiful: From Mediterranean, to antique, to contemporary looks, there are many styles and color options in clay roof tiles (Examples: Barrel, Spanish S, Flat, Roman, Royal, etc.)

Low-Maintenance: Clay roof tiles do not develop mold or mildew very easily, and seldom need to be washed. Ceramic-finish (glazed or shiny) tiles are virtually maintenance-free – the rain and wind do the job for you.

Weigh and analyze all these benefits before making your investment. An investment in clay roof tiles may be higher at the beginning, but it generally pays off during the life of the roof. When you consider the fact that a clay roof should last more than 50 years, it's a solid choice.