FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical commercial flat roof last?

In harsher climates, industrial/commercial flat roof systems have an average lifespan of 18 to 25 years. When routinely inspected with a proper maintenance program, however, lifespans can be expected to last up to 30 years with manufactures warranties extended up to 5%.

How can I know what type of roofing system is best for my building and budget?

Because at Green Roofing we are very familiar with the various types of roofs available, we know which roof systems are better than others for specific types of buildings, and will make recommendations based on your building and budget. We also stay up on the latest developments in roofing materials and can recommend roofing systems based on wide range of knowledge and resources.

Do flat roofs require maintenance?

The life span of a roofing system can usually be extended with proper maintenance. It is important to make sure all membranes, sealant, caulking, flashings, and penetrations are in good condition and to fix any problem before they begin to leak. Preventative maintenance program can help keep small problems from growing into costly leaks, interior damage, and early replacement. Proactive annual or semi -annual inspections are advised.

Can a new roof system be installed over an old roof?

Installing a roof system without removing the old system is not recommended. Water can infiltrate the old system without being apparent, causing interiors leaks. The moisture can also cause blisters or defects in the new membrane, and cause interior damage. The insulation of the old roof could be deteriorated which reduces the R-value of your roof system and can increase heating and cooling costs for the building.

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